An Invitation

Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.” C. W. Ceran

As some Near-Death Experiencers (NDEers) reported, God is a being a pure light and joy, with a wonderful sense of humor an easy ability to laugh; telling some witnesses not to take life so seriously. This is wonderful news.

To further explore this enlightened information a Genius Masterminds team is being formed. It isa gathering place where seekers after truths such as this are exploring it further. In the process they are “having serious fun” exploring innovative solutions to current world world challenges such as the global climate change the NDEers were warned of. While topics such as these may be of a serious nature, there is no reason not have some fun along the way. Humorous wordsmithing lightens the emotional impact of some of the global challenges and imprints the power of the topic being intellectually researched and presented on the readers mind.

It is the team’s goal to provide research grants to minds, young and old, who have the ability to apply the power of combinatorial creativity (“the ability to create new combinations from existing resources – – by recombining ideas, materials and practices, new and potentially known possibilities can emerge”. (definition-National Science Foundation)

Today we live in a world of many global challenges. We are witness to many events both beautiful and horrific due to the internet, mankind’s recent gift of global communication. The internet exposes the great majority of the human family to a wide variety of human information and actions. Many events in the historical records reveal having occurred before, in fact many times. History does repeat itself over and over.

The Spanish philosopher George Santayana once observed, “Those who cannot remember (or do not know) the past are condemned to repeat it.” The quote has been expanded to add “or do not know to more accurately state this human behavioral phenomena.

The gift of the internet now presents us with a rich storehouse of information; both ancient and modern. By remembering, knowing and honestly assessing our history we can generate insightful energy to avoid repeating those cases where humans have been unimaginably cruel to one another, and highlight the many acts of kindness, bravery and generosity seen through history; illustrating the innate goodness of all human beings.

The underlying Mastermind vision is to blend science and spirituality, to see the patterns of human behavior reflected in, and being based upon, the laws of nature especially in quantum physics.

Most new ideas are often created by the synthesizing mind of the creator. They are often simply reformulating ideas others had set forth many years, or centuries, before. It is our goal to expand beyond past confining ideologies and bring forth new solutions to ancient challenges.

In the Judeo-Christian Bible in Ecclesiastes 1:9 we read (paraphrased) “The thing that has been, shall be again; and that which will be done, has been done before. There is nothing new under the sun.”

Our goal for these Genius Masterminds is to address a wide variety of global and personal issues by applying the power of combinatorial creativity to combine ancient and modern wisdom with the power of modern technology. It is defined as the ability to “combine existing bits of insight, knowledge, ideas and memories into new material and new interpretations of the world, to connect the seemingly disconnected, to see patterns rather than chaos.” (Maria Popova, June 6, 2012)

Additionally, we are trans-cultural, drawing upon the wisdom of Western and Eastern civilizations and trans-disciplinary, employing the wisdom and knowledge from a vast database from the natural and human sciences, and to employ the most advanced technologies to devise new solutions to old seemingly intractable challenges. Persons possessed of practical knowledge gained from many years of seasoned experience are particularly and sincerely welcomed to apply their wisdom. Thus we are multi-generational.

These genius masterminds have two basic qualities:

1. The ability to reduce the complicated to simple. This is a rare and highly prized gift. With so much data, information and wisdom available they “cut to the chase” so to speak; separate the wheat from the chaff. Advanced degrees are not a requirement, but helpful.

2. The ability to think outside the box. These geniuses are natural innovators who employ the power of the synthesizing mind; applying this trans-disciplinary approach to see the big picture and all its ramifications; the forest and the trees and how they interrelate in the natural/human ecosystem. They see potential solutions where others only see problems; connect the seemingly disassociated, see synchronistic patterns where others see only chaos. They do so by doing drawing upon a wide variety of intellectual and intuitive sources.

Intuitively they draw upon the collective wisdom of humankind, and often have a “weird” sense of humor. Often considered freaks, they are natural outliers who don’t easily fit into neatly defined or confining categories. Free-thinking innovators and inventors, they are those geniuses who create new ideas and inventions, and in the process break free of stultifying intellectual and emotional constraints. Examples are people like Thomas Edison, Nikolai Tesla, Albert Einstein, Elon Musk, Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney.

Outwardly, these geniuses appear to be absent-minded at times, the famous “absent-minded professor”, but in reality they’re just distracted by the massive material their synthesizing minds are constantly processing. Consummate multi-taskers, concisely stated they are freakin’ geniuses!

(For an informative and humorous look at entrepreneurial freaks, read Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth:Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits and World Dominators. Chris Brogan, Wiley and Sons, 2014)

An invitation to have some “serious fun!”

  • Are you combinatorially creative, a trans-disciplinarian skilled at combining existing wisdom into new interpretations, cross-connecting between various disciplines, recognizing patterns among the chaos. Do you think outside of the box?
  • Do you have practical knowledge of a particular field of stud;, from the hard sciences such as quantum physics, mathematics, biology, or geology and the social sciences; like history, political science, anthropology, sociology or psychology?
  • If you have in-depth knowledge of the world’s major religions and the teachings, you would serve the team well.
  • Are you able to present your knowledge concisely, in layman’s language; able to combine science and spirituality, focusing on specific topics?
  • Are your intuitive and intellectual capacities well-balanced? Do you listen to your own inner voice, your intuition, as it accesses information and use your intellect to organize it, “make sense” of it?
  • Do you have an irreverent sense of humor; have fun with big ideas?
  • Can you “think with your heart and feel with our mind?”

If you said yes to all, or most, of the above, you’re invited to join the Genius Mastermind team, an eclectic group of truth seekers, who see the world outside of the box society puts us in; who figuratively speaking, see both the forest and the trees therein, and understand their inter-relatedness.

Some of the potential projects we might engage in include:

  • The Diamond Principle: Ancient Formula for Lasting Global Peace. Commonly known as the Golden/Silver Rule combined with the humanists Ethic of Reciprocity, this is as close as the human race has come to creating a universal principle of mutual respect and responsibility. However, for a variety of reasons it has appeared not to be very successful. Let’s explore the many reasons it has not worked and how it might. (See Appendix- The Diamond Principle of Ethical Reciprocity p. 81 Revelations: Wisdom from Beyond the Veil for a more in-depth examination.)
  • Stewardship: Theology of Climate Change. Drawing upon the wisdom of early Celtic Christian theologians, in particular Pelagius’ interpretation of the second commandment to love your neighbor and their surroundings, the team will create a new world vision. Present-day Celtic religious philosophy is rooted in the ancient Celtic observation that the image of God is everywhere and that humans are basically morally good.
  • The Power of Prayer. Quantum physics tells us that everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Harnessing the power of combinatorial creativity would greatly increase the power of prayer. Multiplying the wisdom gained by creating global prayer power groups would be a very effective method of dealing with current global challenges; especially climate change.

Let us come together to combine our talents and wisdom to help the world cut through the seemingly endless masses of materials currently circulating in the global community and bring forth golden nuggets of truth, wisdom, and freedom! Employing ancient wisdom from our collective consciousness, let us intuit creative solutions to those familiar old sticky world problems.

Freaking geniuses unite!

If you are combinatorially creative and would like to contribute to this effort I invite you to contact Rich Warden at The world needs our genius – now!